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I want energy to be my life.

Then I recalled a magical day the year before when I was helping a few clients in their homes and businesses. I felt so empowered with my work and the difference that it was making for them. Today, that is my life! Welcome to Essential Clearing™.

As an Energy Architect, I work with the different fields of energy in our lives and the spaces we inhabit, both our home environments and our workspaces. To architect means to plan or create something. Working together, we plan the next level of your business and life potential by shifting the vibration all around you, releasing old patterns and welcoming in new ideas, new potential, and new possibilities. Based in quantum physics and string theory, energetic harmonizing is a technology which releases patterns in an environment which are holding back new movement and creativity.

If this resonates with you… I can help!

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My Energetic Process


When I’m working on a property, I use my intuition to connect directly with the place and put together a formula which will benefit the desired outcome for the home or property. Whether it’s in person or remote, my process is the same. In order to repattern the energy, I employ Reiki and other forms of energy in concert with flower essence formulas.


For offices and businesses, I always try to look at the organizational structure in order to give my intuition as much information as possible. The formula I co-create then benefits as many people and as much of the business which has been agreed upon by Essential Clearing™ and all parties.

Personal SPACE

Working for you in your space is a collaborative process. What do you want more of and what would you prefer less of? Let’s talk about it.

Elka Eastly Vera

After our consultation for my home, Susanna worked her magic! The energetic clearing and harmonizing she did across the ethers laid the foundation for a pretty swift transformation. In particular, it helped ease a delicate situation with our neighbors. The work is subtle but real: issues that were once issues are simply not issues anymore. I wholeheartedly endorse Susanna’s work at

~Elka Eastly Vera


After a VERY rough past 18 months Susanna’s work has resulted in a 180 degree turn around in my life… the future is looking very good and I can only say Essential Clearing™ has had an important part of these positive life experiences…I highly recommend her services! Thank you, Susanna.

~ Jay Z.

In order to help you, I use energetic harmonizing to shift what is not working in a home, environment, or life.

I’ve been working as an Energy Architect for more than twenty years and I’m a certified flower essence counselor, a trained animal communicator, hold a Master of Public Health and I’m also a Reiki Master.

As the mastermind behind Essential Clearing™, I work with spaces, businesses and people’s lives to help change their vibration and improve the potentiality for all involved.

I also started AnimalRx Essences™, an alternative flower essence company for animals because your furred or feathered friend can’t do talk therapy. I have been a featured speaker and writer on flower essences for human and animal health, as well as energy architecture and energetic harmonizing for businesses, homes and real estate.

Transforming Spaces Globally and in the San Francisco Bay Area