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Creating more space in homes.

Have you ever walked into a property which feels off? Like something happened there and you sage but you can’t fix the issue and you don’t even want to be there for an open house? Have you ever had a listing which looked great, presented well and was priced competitively but just wouldn’t sell?

Do you know that saging a place is part of a ritual to purify the space but sometimes (oftentimes) a property will require more than that.

You’ve probably heard of space clearing. But have you heard of energetic harmonizing? This is a technology employed by Essential Clearing™ to work with the unseen potential at a property. Energetic harmonizing literally works on the quantum field of a place releasing the old energy of a property and bringing in the potential for its new life. By changing the energy and recalibrating it, you can prepare a property to sell quicker to people who really love the place.

Do you want to shorten the number of open houses you have? Wouldn’t you love to concentrate on the next listing? Wouldn’t attracting the perfect buyers make you happy? Essential Clearing™ can help make these things happen.

Creating more space in your office.

Our work lives have been through a lot. Even before a pandemic, there were issues in our work places. Do you work for a company where people are just dialing it in? Are you just dialing it in?

If you’re unsatisfied with your career and don’t feel inspired to work, you may sit down at your desk and procrastinate. Or your co-workers may not feel jazzed about their jobs. This energy is a trigger to you whenever you return to the place.

Would you like to feel more energized, more efficient and get more done? Are there issues in your workplace that would be helpfully gone?

You’ve probably heard of space clearing. But have you heard of energetic harmonizing? This is a technology employed by Essential Clearing™ to help release energies which are not helpful or necessary and promote bringing in invisible support to enliven and inspire you and your coworkers.

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Creating more space in your life.

Do you have repetitive thoughts, actions; are you truly happy in your home or your home office? Are you getting things done? Are you procrastinating? Do you have several unfinished projects that you’re not inspired to work on or finish? Do you have a sense of dread or unease when you walk into your home or a specific room?

When you bought or moved into your home, did you feel this was the right decision for you? Have you always wondered if your place could feel better? Did you try saging but the uncomfortable feelings came back?

You’ve probably heard of space clearing. But have you heard of energetic harmonizing? This is a technology employed by Essential Clearing™ to shift the molecules in your place to let go of what isn’t working there for you and bring in a shift to help the place feel more like home, more productive and more calm and peaceful.

What they’re saying

Susanna helped me cleanse and re-energize my space after an invasive burglary. So grateful to her for having removed the negative energy and opened up new energetic pathways. It’s really a fascinating process with many insights during the service. Thanks, Essential Clearing™!

~ Jeanne Henzel

Susanna is the real deal. I have had several properties that had troubled pasts and/or just were not selling. Susanna comes in, spends time and things shift in all the right ways. I have been super happy with the many times Essential Clearing™ has come in to save the day. So appreciative of her service.

~ Kerri Naslund-Monday

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Essential Clearing™ employs a technology to improve the way a property feels. You and your buyers make intuitive decisions based on feelings which can happen in seconds. As a realtor, you want to give the property you’re selling or buying every advantage. Schedule a complementary consultation.


I work for you so your work and business runs smoother and is a more creative, successful place to be. Schedule a complementary consultation.

Personal SPACE

Let’s talk about what you would love to create in your life and your home. Essential Clearing™ helps you release old issues that no longer serve. Schedule a complementary consultation

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