Susanna has harmonized our homes in San Francisco and Joshua Tree. In San Francisco, Susanna came over and literally cleared the air. She confirmed a lot of the energies that I had felt. After her visit, I had better work flow and our home felt more harmonious. In Joshua Tree, she did a remote harmonizing & cleaning and put a protective wall around our property. Immediately, we stopped having unannounced visitors and our remodeling schedule ran on time. I strongly recommend Essential Clearing™.

~ Jennifer Lewis

Susanna helped me so much when we purchased our first home. She energetically shifted the house in such a way that it made it not only easier to move in, but helped as we were getting used to our home. She was spot on in intuiting and providing information to help with several personal issues that I was dealing with as well. I recommended her to several friends who also had wonderful experiences with her.

~ Wisestars Astrology

Susanna is a gifted intuitive and energy worker. I’ve seen her at work many times and she never fails to impress. She zones right in to identify what is needed and then delivers it. She’s an absolute natural at energy clearing for spaces – and also pretty amazing at working with animals – and people too. She’s absolutely worth the investment to have your space cleared. It will make the difference to your quality of life if it’s your home or work place – and facilitate the quick sale of your property at a great price if you are an owner or realtor. I’m so glad that this service is now becoming mainstream and is no longer seen as something fringe. It’s so appropriate that after years of doing this so well, Susanna no longer needs to explain and justify something that used to seem so esoteric. I wholeheartedly recommend.

~ Brenda Scarborough

Susanna is very thorough when she comes to clear the energy in your space. When she was finished in my house and property the first time I was able to open myself to business and personal opportunities I would not have been able to see before. I have given Essential Clearing’s services as gifts to people that I care about.

~ Danielle Waggoner

I have worked with Susanna on numerous occasions; she is truly gifted at clearing stuck energy from buildings. I felt a marked difference in my home immediately after she cleared it. I feel more settled and the space itself seems much lighter.

~ Melissa Keene

When I am planning to list a property, I want to make sure it’s looking its best and I want to make sure it’s clean, including clearing out the energy of its prior occupants. Susanna does energetic harmonizing and I know she will clear whatever is no longer needed in the space. And, after Essential Clearing™ has worked on the property it feels peaceful and welcoming, which helps all the next steps in the sale. Sometimes, miraculous things happen and we go from pre-listing to sale in less than a week! Thank you, Susanna, for putting things in order on the quantum level.

~ Mavis Delacroix, Compass

I’ve had really incredible results whenever I’ve hired Essential Clearing. One time, Susanna shifted the energy on a property that had been listed on the market for more than six months with no activity. Two days later I got a full price offer for my sellers! My listing was sold at asking price and the seller was very happy. Another time, I hired her to clear energy on a rental property in the morning and that evening “out of the blue” (within a few hours) I was contacted by a very qualified prospect, they rented the house immediately. Nothing short of miraculous!

~ Nadia Ferrua, Coldwell Banker

When I am preparing a home for a sale, I often have it cleared by a professional. Sometimes, the energy of previous occupants lingers in the home and there is a palpable feeling of “something not right” in the home. At other times, a beautiful house is not selling and it’s difficult to determine why. I hired Essential Clearing™ because Susanna has a way of identifying and getting to the root of the problem in a house. She clears the energetic “clutter” so that the transition from the old occupant to the new homeowner is much more smooth. Thank you Susanna for being part of my Team!

~ Yoko Kasai, Partner, Porch Realty Group

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